We're all about having fun with your Bunn Margarita Machine!
Margarita Guys wants your machine to operate properly all the time and cause you no problems and have no down time. While we are a Bunn Serve partner servicing commercial machines, we also want to take care of those who have machines in their stores, machines in a rental fleet, or even one machine at home for personal parties. We understand it is often difficult to find parts or troubleshooting help for a small problem without paying high fees, so we provide free Service Guides to help you troubleshoot your machine when it has a problem; provide detailed installation instructions for parts we sell, and can provide telephone support from a Bunn Journeyman Technician.

About Us
Margarita Guys is a division of a corporation that has provided services throughout the nation for almost a decade. We sell and can lease machines to businesses and schools; we sell new and used machines; we sell machine parts to individuals and companies; and we provide complete technical services for machine repair. Our technicians do it all, and are even certified to service the refrigeration units on these machines. People and businesses from across the country call on Margarita Guys for expert advice, parts and service to keep their machines in top shape.

For large events in the Northern California area, we can deliver more than a dozen machines to your event, we maintain a full inventory of parts and keep our machines in factory-fresh condition, and we keep pallets of the finest frozen beverage mixes in stock. We're the real deal! You want to do business with Margarita Guys -- a corporation that knows what they are doing and has been a successful member of the community for many years.

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